Numerous aquatic Salamanders, Newts, Toads and Frog species call Missouri home. Hellbenders, Spotted Salamanders, Central Newts, Cave Salamanders, Nortern Spring Peepers, Western Chorus Frogs, Bull Frogs, Gray Tree Frogs, Plains Spadefoot, and the Eastern American Toads are just a few of the amphibian species you may encounter across the state. The rivers, lakes and creeks, caves, springs, ponds, woodland puddles and drainage ditches provide an abundance of amphibian habitat. While Northern Spring Peepers like a fish free woodland pool for their spring time breeding orgies, the deep bellowing mating call of the Bull Frog is more likely herd from the muddy bank of a farm pond. The solitary Hellbender spends it's time under rocks in Ozark streams dinning on crayfish and is seldom seen by most Missourians. The magic of metamorphic change from egg to tadpole to froglet to adult frog is an incredible sight to behold. Amphibians are watch species for environmental problems and water quality. The sounds of calling frogs across Missouri is a spring time treasure.


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Missouri Toads and Frogs

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