When it comes to population size and species diversity the insects are the absolute winners. Humans love the incredible beauty of Butterflies and Moths as adults , but may not like their larva if it happens to be a Tomato Hornworm. Mosquitos and Horse Flies have few friends among the warm blooded mammals they feed on. Honey Bees keep our fruit and vegetable gardens pollinated while producing honey. Beetles, Weevils, Grasshoppers, Lace Wings, Lady Bugs and Dragonflies abound across the state. Walking Sticks feed on the oak leaves above while many species of Ants clean up the forest floor. The Bunkhouse dog detests the tiny flea while the Pygmy Pony uses his tail and mane to swat away Deer Flies. Insects it's hard to live with them and it would be hard for many a critter who eats them to live with out them.


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