Missouri has a multitude of mammal species. Down along the Missouri Arkansas border you may encounter a rare Black Bear, but are more likely to see an Armadillo who has migrated north out of Oklahoma. The White -Tailed Deer population is very large with some two hundred and fifty thousand taken annually on average during the fall deer season by hunters. Fox and Gray Squirrels abound eating their fill of acorns and hickory nuts. While humans love the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit most do not like the Norway Rat or the Harvest Mouse. Red Foxes can often be seen along woodland edges preying on Moles, Voles and Shrews. The largest rodent in the state the Beaver may decide to damn a small stream to form a small pond. The states only marsupial the Opossum may tear into trash looking for an easy meal. The dexterous Raccoon can open doors and bird feeders to get to bird , dog or cat food. River Otters have been reintroduced to the state's major bodies of water and seem to be adapting well to their new environment. Many caves hold Bat populations which eat tons of insects each night during the spring and summer. When in comes to forecasting the weather the folks in Boone County do not look to Punxsutawney Phil , but watch for Boone County Bob the local Groundhog. Striped and Spotted Skunks amble along through Missouri woodlands. From Muskrats to Flying Squirrels your neck of the woods has plenty of Mammals!


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