When it comes to Reptiles folks have mixed feelings. While some folks will often stop to help a Three Toed Box Turtle cross the road, studies have shown that some folks will cross over the yellow line to run over a rubber snake with their vehicle. The Pony and I would hope that everyone will learn that every critter has it's place in the ecosystem and while the fear of snakes may be primordial for the the most part they are unwarranted. Missouri has an abundance of Reptiles; Turtles, Lizards, Skinks and Snakes. The Ranger's theory is that the more you know about a critter the better off both you and the critter are for having learned the information. You may find that snakes by far are some of the best control agents that exist for eliminating rodent populations. Skinks and Lizards love to eat those pesky insects that live around the bunkhouse. Turtles seem to hold some mythic fascination for humans and come in lots of different forms. I will say that the closet the Ranger ever came to losing a finger was helping a Snapping Turtle cross the road. In general we have very little to fear from Missouri's reptiles, while we do have Alligator Snapping Turtles in the rivers we do not have Alligators. Learn more about the Reptiles in your neck of the woods.


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