Spiders, Chiggers and Ticks oh my! This eight legged adult group of critters are probably the most disliked by humans. Most Spider species are harmless and beneficial. In African mythology Anansi the spider is considered the creator of the sun, the moon and stars. Anansi is also considered the creator of man and taught man the methods of agriculture. You may consider this creator role in the building of webs that many species use to capture their prey. Brown Recluse spiders who do not make a web and Black Widow spiders who make a ragged web are the two toxin laden spiders in Missouri whos bite can create health problems for humans. The large Wolf Spiders and many Orb Weavers are common beneficial spiders that you may encounter in the state. Ticks who attach to mammals and suck blood between instar molts are prevalent in Missouri. The tiny seed ticks who only have six legs with grow after many molts into eight legged adults. Chiggers a very tiny mite can cause skin irritations like no other bite. Chiggers do not suck blood but rather inject a corrosive saliva that humans bodies react to in an adverse fashion. In Missouri it is the tiny Chigger that causes the most pain and suffering from their bites. Spiders, Chiggers and Ticks oh my, Missouri has them all!


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