Honky -Tonk


Wayne " The Train" Hancock

Wayne ( The Train) Hancock is the hardest working freight highballing down the Honky-Tonk tracks.

Hank Williams Sr.

Look up Honky-Tonk in the dictionary, if you don't see Hank Williams Sr. mentioned there, throw away the dictionary.

Hank III

Hank III looks like his grandfather, sounds a bit like his grandfather and writes a bit like his grandfather, some say it skips a generation.


These guys have got it all going, see them live if you can. They know how to turn a live crowd up to eleven on the dial!

The Trailer Park Troubadours

Trailer Park centric tunes with a great sense humor with the hitched up bonus of great music! If tornados seek out trailer parks then the Troubs are ground zero for a big twister!

Billy Bacon and The Forbidden Pigs

The honky-tonk version of the other white meat, you can eat this stuff up!

Junior Brown

The master and creator of the guit-steel guitar, in this case the right tool in a master craftsman hands. He writes great songs and has the voice to deliver the goods!

Chris Wall

A protégé of Jerry Jeff Walker , Chris Walls specialty is bar room drinking songs.

Dale Watson

About as anti-Nashville establishment as you can get, I love Dale's truck tunes.

The Derailers

Tons of raw energy makes The Derailers pure Honky -Tonk fun!

Gram Parson and the Fallen Angels

Gram and Emmy Lou toured with this constructed band for a short time in 1973. One live recording remains! If you could travel back in time being at one of their live gigs on this tour would be close to Honky-Tonk heaven.

Robbie Fulks

Insurgent country from Chicago his tunes grow on you and before you know it your hooked.

The Wilders

Old time country, fiddle tunes,Honky-Tonk and Gospel- That's about all of the major muical food groups, so get a live helping of these folks and lissenup!