Ray Campi

Not everyone can stand on their upright bass while slapping it into a frenzied Rockabilly rhythm, Ray can!

Johnny Cash

As a young budding Rockabilly star, Johnny used the base of a microphone stand to break out the foot lights at the Grand Old Opera. The stage manager told Johnny that , they did not need his kind around there. OOPS!

Rosie Flores

This Rockabilly filly can rock a live audience even if she's laying on the stage with her guitar I've seen her do it!

Deke Dickerson

As a young untamed youth on KOPN, Deke hosted " Bop to you Drop" , a pure Rockabilly radio show. Deke has gone on to live his Rockabilly dream to it's fullest!

Dave and Deke Combo

Two parts Rockabilly, one part Swing with a big touch of boogie, the Dave and Deke Combo set the Hollywood barn dance on fire.

Elvis Presley

Dead or alive, long live The King!

Jerry Lee Lewis

The Killer can drive a Rockabilly piano like nobody else except maybe Little Richard.

Sleepy LaBeef

Sleepy is Rockabilly royalty!