KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 1/15/06
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Tennesse ernir Ford 16 tons of boogie sixteen tons Rhino
Tom russell poor mans Fream The heart of a working man Dark Angel
Plumb Bobs Plumb Bobs Tha's P{rogress Bob runyon
Anais mitchell anaismitchell.com The song thaey sand when rome frll anaismitchell.com
Gillian welch & David rawlings Live in Hickory One More dollar Acoustic Stage
Towens Van Zandt Live and obscure Tecumseth Vally Sugar hill
Peter Rowan Peter Rowan Land of the Navajo Flying Fish
Davoid Olney migration Ace of Spades Blues Loud House Records
Robert hunter Tiger Rose yellow Moon Grateful Dead Recordes
Ray Wylie hubbard Dangerous Spirits Last Train to amersterdam Philo
Noah Earle Six ways to Sunday Preacher's Blues Noah Earle
Matt Focler Matt Fockler Devil on a Roll Matt Fockler
Dave Alvin Ashgrove Ashgrove Yeproc
Joe Ely Streets of sin Run Little pony Rounder
ben Weaver Stories under Nails Old Mule Fugawee bird
The fairfield four Gospel Live from Mountain stage Dig a little deeper Blue plate
Charlie Patton The definative Cahrlie patton Tell Me man Blues catfish
Paul Zarzyski Words Gone wild The hand JRP Records
Pops staples Gospel live from Mountain stage Why am i Treated so Bad Blue Plate
David Olney Border Crossing Blue Days, Black Nights Corazonig recordes
The Maybelles White Trash jenny Walkin' Blues Little Red hen
The android sisters Pull no Punches holy moly ZBS
David Crosby If I could Only Rember My Name Cowboy Movie Atlantic
andrew Hardin & Ray Wylie Blue acoustic Montezuma Andrew Hardin
Fred Eaglesmith Drive In Movie Freight Train MAPL
Gillian welch & David rawlings Live in Hickory Leaving Train Acoustic Stage
Kieran Kane Dead Rekoning he never knew what hit him Dead Recking
The Maybelles White Trash jenny Another woman gone Little Red hen
The Trailer Park Troubadours Trailercana full Nights in Pine view heights DPR Records
Neil Young Praire Wind The Painter Reprise
Bastard sons of johnny Cash Mile marker Pride of abilene Texacali
Plumb Bobs Everybodys Got love For Better or Worse KOPN
Noah Earle Six ways to Sunday Land of Goshin Noah Earle
Mary Gauthier drag quenns in Limosines Drag Queens in Limosines in The black records
Ansy McClain Time- sweetened Lies Captin Midnight DPR Records