KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 2/5/06
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Ray Wylie hubbard Loco gringo's lament I've seen that old highway dejaDisc
Joe Ely Live Shots I Had my Hopes up high MCA
Mary Gauthier Filth & Fire Walk Through the fire On the black records
Rodney crowell The Outsider Dancin' cirlces around the sun Columbia
james mcMurtry live in aught three Too long in the wasteland Compadre
Ben Weaver Stories under Nails Like a Wound Fugawee bird
Emmylou Harris Heartaches & Highways One of these days Rhino/warner
John Prine Fair & Square Morning Train Oh Boy
Gillian Wech & David Rawlings Live in Hickory NC Dusty Boxcar door Acoustic stage
jim Lauderdale Headed for the Hills Crazy peg and darby doyle Dual tone
Ray Wylie hubbard Loco gringo's lament Didn't have a prayer dejaDisc
Neil young prairie wind Prairie wind reprise
fred Eaglesmith Lipstick lies and Gasoline Water in the Fuel Razor and tie
Noah Earle Six ways to sunday Preachers Blues Noah Earle
Jack williams Laughing at the Blues Sucker for love Wind river
Wallace Mcrae The Cowboy Poetry Gathering Old Proc Rhino World Beat
Brother blue Live Recording AHhhhhhh Radio Ranger
Herb Jefferies Bronze bucakroo Tumbling Tumblweeds Warner Western
Rocket kirchner Live at KOPN Cult of one Radio Ranger
Antsy McClain Time Sweetened lies Falling in Love in America DPR Records
Plumb Bobs Plumb Bobs Big Orange alice Bob Runyon
Plumb Bobs Plumb Bobs The Hill Song Bob runyon
Anais Mitchell Hymns for the Exciled Mockingbird Waterbug
The YTrailerpark Troubadours Trailercana The devil more Credit Than He Derserves DPR Records
BR5-49 BR5-49 Little ramona Arista
BR5-49 BR5-49 Hickory Wind Arista
BR5-49 Dog Days lower Broad street Blues Dualtone
BR5-49 This is BR549 To Lazy to work to nervous to steal Sony
The Maybells White Trash Jenny Twin Cousins Little red Hen
The Trailer Park Troubadours Trailercana Joan of Arkansa DPR Records
Mary Gauthier Mercy now She a Rymer Lost Highway
Andrew Hardin & Don edwards Blue Acoustic Trantulla Andrew Hardin