KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 2/6/05
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Lucinda williams essemce get right with god Lost highway
The allman brothers idlewild South The midnight rider polgram
James Mcmurtry too long in the wasteland Crazy wind Columbia
fred Eaglesmith lipstick lies and gasoline Water in the Fuel Razor and tie
Tony Joe White Heroines The wild wolf calling me Santurary
Matt Fockler Everybody's got love And Ever shall KOPN
James Mcmurtry Candyland vauge directions Columbia
Robert Earle keen live from austin tx Shades of gray New west
Nanci griffith Falling from Grace The Craddle of the Interstae mercury
Kirean Kane & kevin welch You can't save Everybody Hillbilly Blue Compass
Steve Earle Live in austin TX Hillbilly highway New west
James Mcmurtry Live in Aught three Lights of Cheyenne Compadrte
Dolly parton Live and Well little sparrow Sugar Hill
Dolly parton Live and Well rocky top Sugar Hill
jim Lauderdale Headed for the Hills Tales of the sad hotel Dual tone
Glenna bell Face the world Face the world Glenna bell
Waddie Mitchell Live No second Chance Shanachie
fred Eaglesmith Dusty Codeine MAPL
Dave Alvin Interste city Dry river Hightone
The allman brothers Eat A peach Blue Sky polgram
The Android sisters Pull no punches guess Who/ ZBS
kinky friedman Kinky friedman the wild man from Borneo Varis vintage/CA
James Mcmurtry Walk between the raindrops Airlane agent Sugar Hill
mellencamp. yokam, prine, ely, mcmurtry Falling from Grace sweet suzzane mercury
herb jefferies the Bronze bukaroo rides sagain tubling tublewees Warner western
herb jefferies the Bronze bukaroo rides sagain Nine hundred miles Warner western
James Mcmurtry Live in Aught three levelland compadre
joe ely Live at liberty Lunch Row of domminoes MCA
Dave Alvin Ashgrove sinful daughter yeproc
junior Brown Down home chrome Foxy Lady telarc
James Mcmurtry Live in Aught three Red dress compadre
James Mcmurtry it Had to happen Jaws of life Sugar Hill
Neville Brothers Fiyo on the bayo Bother john/ Iko Iko AM