KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 2/20/05 Jerome Wheeler a new creative force in Heaven
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Grateful Dead Working man's dead Black peter GDP
Jerome Wheeler Riverbillys Banjo river Wheeler
The Celebrated Renaissence Band Real live american music Can't feel at home in this world no more Totem point
Jerome Wheleer & Lee Ruth EGL Concert Homsick Rag Wheeler/EGL
Jerome Wheeler Riverbillys River cowboy Wheeler
Jerome Wheeler In Search of the dot commies Follow the Wind Blue Coaster
Grateful Dead In The Dark Black Muddy river Arista
Jerome Wheeler Everybody;s Got love Scorpio love song KOPN
Jeome Wheeler In Search of the dot commies As I believe Blue Coaster
The Staples Singers Great Day What are they doing in heaven tody Milestone
Jerome Wheeler Riverbillys banjo r Wheeler
John Warner In Search of the dot commies to Need love so Blue Coaster
Jerome Wheeler Riverbillys Sing the same song wheeler
Caravan Everybody;s Got love Spring winds will Blow KON
The Staples Singers great Day swing low sweetr chariot Milestone
Bob Dyer EGL Concert The Death Of sitting Bull Dyer/EGL
Cathy Barton & Dave Para EGL Concert Amazing Grace trad./PBarto/Para/EGL
Majhal, Watson, Krause Will the circle be unbroken Vol 3 Will the Circle be unbroken Capitol
Virginia Bennett The Poetry Gathering The Dead yearling subpop
JohnnyCCash Will the circle be unbroken Vol 3 Tears in the Holston river Capitol
Bob Runyon Life as Art Wildbirds bob Runyon
Guy Clark the Dark Mud Sugar hill
Kieran Kane and Kevin welch You Can't save Everybody Till I'm too Old to die Young Compass
Jack Williams Everybody;s Got love sneakin up on the Blues KOPN
The Staples Singers Great Day A better home Milestone
Alison Krause Will the circle be unbroken Vol 3 Catfish John Capitol
Jim Lauderdale Headed for the Hills Headed for the Hills Dualtone
Tom Russell Hotwalker woodrow hightone
Tom Russell Hotwalker WLS Interview hightone
James McMurtry jamesmcmurtry,com Can't make it Here jamesmcmurtry.com
kieran Kane and kevin welch You Can't save Everybody A prayer Like any other Compass
Jerome Wheeler Riverbillys poverty Wheeler
The Staples Singers Great day A Dyings man plea Milestone
lee Ruth Everybody;s Got love Everybodys Got kopn
Jerome Wheeler Riverbillys Banjo Wheeler