KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 03/19/06
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
David onley eye of the storm a Dangerous man Philo ?
James McMurtry Childish things we Can't make it Here compadre ?
Anais mitchell hymns for the Exciled Before the eyes of story telling girls Waterbug ?
Merle haggard Chicago wind Where is all the Freedom Capitol ?
buddy miller fire and water with god on our side new West ?
Rob jungklas Arkadelphiia God rode through clarksdale Madjack ?
Fred Eaglesmith Drivin in Movie O Like trains Mapl ?
rodney Crowell The Outsider dpn't Get mer started Columbia ?
buddy miller fire and water I worry too much new West ?
Jack williams Laughing at the blues Hushabye Wind River ?
Various reel to reel project The Nortorius mckorcle sisters KOPN ?
Katy moffatt Midnight Radio Sojoner Truth 9 aint i a woman) watermelon ?
Tom Russell love & Fear Four Chambered herats Hightone ?
Dale Watson Whiskey or God Whiskey or God Palo duro ?
Lee roy Parnell Back to the well Pld soul Universal South ?
Bob Dyer River runs outside my door one Last time Big Canoe records ?
Noah Earle Six Ways to Sunday Land of Goshin Noah Earle ?
Bartholomew Bean Everybody's Got love willow song KOPN ?
Steve young Primal Young Black dirt Farmer Appleseed ?
Ben Weaver hollerin at a Wood Pecker woodpecker song 30/30 ?
Roseann Cash Black Cadillac Radio operator Capitol ?
Katy moffatt Midnight Radio Midnight Radio water ?
Antsy McClain Time-sweetened-Lies Capitan Midnight DPR Records ?
Ther Bastard sons of johnny Cash Mile Marker Radio girl Texacali ?
Spontaneous Combustion Live embers The Billy Bob tel overature Sontaneous Combustion ?