KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 3/25/07
Time:  12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Lucinda williams Ramblin satified mind Smithsoian Folkways
rory Block when a women gets the Blues  let my Daddy do that rounder
Lucinda williams Ramblin Drop down daddy Smithsoian Folkways
Steve Young Austraiian tour EP2007 travlin kind Death Vally records
Dave Alvin Black Jack david Mary Brown Hightone records
Lucinda williams Lucinda Williams Somhing about What happns when we Talk Koch
Cindy wolf Simple and few Dearest pearl Mayapple
Cary hudson bitter sweet Blues Snow in Missippi Black dog Records
neil young Massey hall live 1971 Helpless reprise
ann Armstrong hink about the rain Heart Of Gold Heads up
k.D. Lang Reintarnation pullin Back the reins Rhino
Kieran kane, kevin welch & Fats Kaplin Lost john Dean Postcard from Mexico Dead reckoing
Gob iron Death songs for the living Hills of Mexico Transmit sound
Otis Taylor Blue eyed Monster hey joe Shoelace records
rory Block tornado Gone woman Blues rounder
Joan Osborne early recordings What you do about me Polygram
Waddie Mitchell Lone driftin rider you haven't sold your saddle yet Warner Western
Neko Case The Tigers have spoken If you knew Anti-
Lucinda williams west What If Lost Highway
Iris Dement Tulare Dust Big city Hightone records
Fred Eaglesmith drive In Movie I like Trains MAPL
the Starlings Songbook Bones to ashes The starlings
Bad livers Delusions of Banjer six feet down 1/4 stick
Big Smith Gig Mockingbird Mayapple
Cathy Barton & dave Para Living on the river Old Time riverman Rousabout Records
Bob dyer A River Runs outside My door Talking Waters Big Canoe records
Cathy Barton & dave Para Sabbath home Amazing Grace Rousabout Records
Dave Alvin Public Domain Don't let your Deal Go Down Hightone records
Greg Brown One more Goodnight Kiss Missippi Moon Red house records
Gob iron Death songs for the living little girl and the dreadful snake Transmit sound
the Starlings Songbook Hand to Mouth The starlings
Joe ely Silver City Billy Boy Rock'em records
Cindy wolf Simple and few Simple and few Mayapple
Ruth Brown Diamond Cus Turning two BaseBall Boogie hungry for Music