KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 3/26/06
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Crosby, stills, Nash & young four way street Find the cost of freedom Atlantic ?
gillian Welch Hell among the Yearlings winters come and gone Almo ?
Caravan Everybody's Got love Spring winds will blow KOPN ?
Plumb Bobs Life as art wildbirds bob runyon ?
Bob Dyer River runs Outside my door Wait for the light Big Canoe Records ?
gillian Welch Live I'll Go Downtown unkwon ?
Tom russell Hotwalker Bakersfield Hightone ?
Tom russell Hotwalker Grapevine Hightone ?
Swight Yokam Dwight live Streets of Bakersfield Reprise ?
Buck Owens kickin'In They would have to carry me awy Capitol ?
Buck Owens kickin'In were gonna buld a fire Capitol ?
Buck Owens kickin'In kickn' In captiol ?
kieran Kane shadows on the ground will you miss me Deadrocking ?
wilMaring the turning of a century look for me roan pony ?
Ken shepherd Jerome wheeler Memorial Easter Radio Ranger ?
troubadours of Divine Bliss Off the Cuff Holy now troubadours of divine Bliss ?
Anais Mitchell hymns for the exciled the belly and the beast waterbug ?
Brother Blue Live at KOPN AHhhhhh KOPN ?
Matt fockler Gtpsy Maintence Dream, dream, Dream gypsy Maintence ?
Bartholmew Bean In the Land of Giant midgets In the Land of giant migets Ron Morris ?
Merle Haggard Chicago Wind white man singing the blues Capitol ?
Jolie Holland Escondita Poor Girls Blues anti- ?
Robert Johnson We Got Blues for you me and the devil blues Dressed to kill ?
rob jungklas Arkadelphia Drunk like Son house Mad Jack ?
Ray Wylie hubbard growel Stolen Horses Philo ?
kieran Kane & Kevin Welch You Can't Save everybody you Can't Save everybody Deadrocking ?
Jesse James Jesse james Better Days Jesse James ?
Tom russell Love & Fear K. C. violin Hightone ?
Lee roy Parnell Back to the well The Hunger Universal ?
Rodney Crowell The Outsider shelter from the storm Columbia ?
Jack williams Laughing at the Blues Daddy'e Heaven windriver ?
The Dead OCR 9-5-03 Indianapolis mprning dew too touring ?
spring peepers Bunkhose sounds Spring peepers Radio Ranger ?