KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio Easter
Date: 4/11/04
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
David Olney Deeper Well Jerusalem Tommorrow Philo
David Olney High Wide and lonesome Brays philo
David Olney Through a glass darkly Barabas Philo
David Olney Real Lies Thirty Coins of gold Philo
Cathy Barton & Dave Para Crazy Quilt easter Roastabout
Bob Dyer River Runs outside my door wait for the light Big Canoe Records
Guy Clark The Dark Mud Sugar Hill
Steve Young Primal Young Little Birdie Appleseed
Gilian Welch Hell amoung the yearlings winters come and gone Almo
Tom Russell Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs All the way for this short ride Hightone
Fred Eaglesmith Lipstick lies & Gasoline Angel of the Lord Razoe and Tie
Jerry Foster Everybody's Got love Third world USA KOPN
Caravan Everybody's Got love Spring Winds will blow KOPN
Bartholomew Bean Everybody's Got love willow song KOPN
Paul & Win Grace Everybody's Got love Grow Garden Grow KOPN
Natlie Merchant The House Carpenter's Daughter Down on penny's Farm Myth America
Waddie Mitchell Lone drifitin Rider Bramma Steer Warner Western
Tom Russell Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs East Texas Red Hightone
Neil young Hawks & Dives The old homestead Reprise
The Android Sisters Pull No Punches Oh Brother ZBS
Neil young Hawks & Dives hawks & Doves Reprise
Robin & Linda Williams Devil of a Dream men with guns Sugar Hill
Bruce Cockburn Deluxe edtion Live If I had aRocket launcher Rounder
Mary Lou Williams Everybody's Got love Playin' It Pretty KOPN
Jerome Wheeler Everybody's Got love Scorpio Love song KOPN
Cathy Barton & Dave Para Everybody's Got love Golden Yeras KOPN
Noah Earle Noah Earle Land of Goshin Noah earle
Matt Fockler Matt Fockler Lakota Sioux gypsy maintence
Fred Eaglesmith Ralph's Last Show I like Trains Signature
The Flatlanders Wheels of Fortune Midnight Train New West
The Wilders Lissenup! Rabbit up a Gum Stump Rural Grit
Rank sinaras Everybody's Got love Public Domain KOPN
Jim & Lee Ruth howard matshall Everybody's Got love Monodolina KOPN