KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 4/17/05
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Noah Earle Six ways To Sunday Land of goshin Noah Earle
Jim Lauderdale Headed for the Hills Looking Else waer Dual Tone
Spontaneous combustion Live Embers Thre Billy- Bob- Overture Cobustible records
Big smith Gig The mockingbird Mayapple
Gretchen peters The secret of life Circus Girl Imprint records
Gillian Welch Revival One More dollar Almo
DavidOnlney Through a Glass darley Dogwoods Philo
Tiff merit
Kathelln edwards
Michelle Shocked Cash covered
Judy Domeny -Brown trad. folk songs of the Ozaks Going to the west Judy Domeny-Brown
Rick shea & Brantly kearns Trouble and Me San Bernadino Waltz Tres Pecdadores
Buck Howdey Skidaddle Skidaddle Praire Dog
plumb Bobs Life as art pony in the back Seat bob runyon
jerry Garcia & david grisman All Around this World Blue yodel #9 Acoustic Disc
Brice Hornsby Live Williamsburg Va 1999 Gig Stck
Brice Hornsby Live Williamsburg Va 1999 Mandolin rain>Tight rope. Fields
Paul Zarzyski The Glorious comotion of it all On My Birthday The serpent JRP Records
Shirley Ceasar masked and anyonmous seve sombody Sony
The android sisters pull No punches Rouge Elephant ZBS
jerry Garcia & david grisman masked and anyonmous semor Acostic Disc
the staple Singers Freedoms Highway For what its worth Columbia
Andrew Hardin Blue acoustic mecacalii chiatown Andrew Hardin
Ginny Hawker & tracey swartz draw Closer little willie rounder
TomRrussell Hotwalker woodrow hightone
fred Eaglesmith Lipstick, Lies and Gasoline Spookin the horses Razor and Tie
Bartholomew Bean Everybody's Got love Willow Song KOPN
Gretchen Peters The Secret of life Boder Town imprint records
Kieran Kane & Kevin welch You Can't Save Everybody Dark Eyed Gal Compass
Jim Lauderdale 7 ralph stanley Lost in the Lonsome pines lost in the lonsome Pines Dual Tone
Tampa red & georia Tom The Guitar wizard Can't get that stuff Columbia
Brothe Bob Pruitt Bo. Co Live The katy KOPN
Andrew Hardin Blue acoustic Sonatina#2 Andrew Hardin
Andrew Hardin Blue acoustic Thunderbird Andrew Hardin