KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 4/30/06
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Ray Wylie hubbard loco gringo Lament i've seen that highway Deja disc ?
Gillian welch & David Rawlings Live White Frieght liner unkwon ?
Bob dyer Oracle of the turtle The Family Big Canoe Records ?
Buddy Miller Universal United House of Prayer Fire & Water New West ?
Mary Gauthier Mercy Now Mercy now Lost Highway ?
Tom Russell Outakes Love and fear Red Dirt Girl Hightone ?
henray Clay The New Madrid Earthquake Prodigal Son Henry Clay Ransburgh Music ?
Rain dogs Rain Dogs Kansa city Blues Rain dogs ?
Rain dogs Hair of the dog selling My porkchops Rain dogs ?
Bruce Springsteen We Shall Overcome John henry Columbia ?
Steve young Primal Young worker's song Appleseed ?
Neil Young Freedom Crime in the city Reprise ?
James Mcmurtry Childish things Childish Things Compadre ?
Tom Russell Love & Fear The Pugilist at 59 Hightone ?
Lee Roy Raenell Back to the well The hunger Universal Sputh ?
Ken shepherd Live at EGL So Close to the feeling KOPN ?
Zia Nazami ernie Hayes interview Ernie Hayes Interview Ziz Nazami ?
Ruth Brown Dimonnd Cuts tturns Two Baseball boogie hungry for music ?
Robert Johnson Robert Johnson Come in my kitchen dressed to kill ?
Rachel Ries For you Only Our Summertime Waterbug ?
Matt Fockler Matt Fockler devil on a role Matt Fockler ?
Bob Dyer A River Runs Outside my Door The New Madrid Eathquake Big Canoe Records ?
Frank Hutchison Volume 1 c & o excursion Document records ?
Anais Mitchell hymns for the Exciled 1984 Waterbug ?
rodney crowell The Outsider Don't get me started Columbia ?
Tom Russell Love & Fear Four Chambered Heart hightone ?
Merle haggard Chicago Wind Wheres all the Freedom Capitol ?
jim Lauderdale Headed Crazy peg and Darby Doyle Dual tone ?
Antsy McClain Time sweetened lies The Rains Falling down again DPR Records ?
Neil Young Prairie Wind He was the King Reprise ?
Ben weaver Stories Under Nails 40 Watt Bulb Fugawee Bird ?