KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootn' Tootn' Radio
Date: 05/05/02
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Comander Cody Too Much Fun To Much Fun MCA
Jerry Lee Lewis Killer Country Pee WeesPlace Mercury
Dave and Deke Combo Hollywood Barn Dance natch'n and grabbin Hey Day Records
Dave Stuckey Get a load of This The did Boggie HMG Hightone
Dave  and Deke Combo Hollywood Barn Dance Cut out That Boogie Hey Day Recordsw
Elvis Presley Golden Records All Shook up RCA
Elvis Presley Golden Records Heartbrack Htel RCA
Gillian Welch Time The Revalator Elvis Presley Blues Acony
Wayne Hancock tThunderstorms and Neon Sign Thunderstorms and Neon Signs
Wayne Hancock Wild Free and Reckless Flatland Boogie
Hank Iii Riasin Outlaw Honky Tonk Girls Curb
Hank Iii Risasin Outlaw DevilsDaughter Curb
Dave Stuckey Get a load of This You shoulda thought about that HMG Hightone
Gollan Welch Time a Revaltor Red Dirt Halo Acony
James taylor Greatest Hits Mexico Warner Bros.
Los Lobos Colassol Head Mas Y Mas Warner Brothers
Wallace Mvrae The Cowboy Poetry Gathering Old Proc Rhino World Beat
Robert Earl Keen Gingo Honeymoon Gringo Honeymoon Sugar Hill
Joe Ely Twistin in the wind Nacho Mama MCA
Chris Gaffney Loser's Paradise Azulito Hightone
Tom Russell The Rose of the San Joaquin The Rose of the san Joaquin Hightone
Joe Ely Joe Ely She Never spoke spanish to me MCA
Joe Ely Letter to Laredo he Finally spoke spanish to me MCA
James Mcmurtry Candyland Safe Side Columbia
Tom Russell Poor Man's dream Gallo de Cielo 800 Dark Angel
Flaco Jimenz Partners El Punte Roto Reprise
Flaco Jimenz Partners Acroos thr Boderline Repise
Tom Russell Poor Man's dream Frontera 800 Dark Angel
Robert Earl Keen West Textures Mariano Sugar Hill
Tish Hinojosa Destiney's gate Noche Sin Estrellas Warner Brothers
Tom Russell Boderland Hills of old Juarez Hightone
Peter Rowan Peter Rowan The Free Mexican Airforce Flying Fish
Los Lobos Just another Band from east La Bamba slash/warner Brothers
Forbidden Pigs Una Mas Cerveza Una Mas Cervvezaq Triple X records
 Los Lobos Just another band from east Volver Volver Salash/warner Brothers