KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 5/9/04 Mother's Day
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Merle Haggard Country Pride Mama Tried CEMA
Merle Haggard Country Pride Hungry Eyes CEMA
Joe Ely Twistin in The wind nacho Mama MCA
The Trailerpark troubadors way cool world mom's tatoo Rug Burn records
Commander Cody & the Lost Too Much Fun Mama Hated Diels MCA
Sputhern Cultureb on the Skids For lovers Only Daddy was a preacher Mama was a Go Go Girl Safe House Communications
Gilian Welch Soul journey I Had a real good mother & Father Acony
Dwight Yokam Tulare Dust Holding Things Together Hightone
Steve Earle The Mountain The Mountain Electra
Peter Rowan Dust Bowl children Little Mother Sugar hill
Mandy Barnett mandy Barnett Wayffaring Stranger Asylum
Paul & Win Grace Everybody'd Got love Grow garden grow KOPN
Jerome Wheeler In Search of the Dot Commies As I Believe Blue Coaster Records
Rocket Kircher Friendship Be Yourself Kirchner
Noah Earle Noah Earle Land of Goshin Noah Earle
Bartholmew Bean Everybody'd Got love Willow Song KOPN
The Disovery String Band Most Perfect harmony Black Moccason Big canoe records
Joel Nelson The Poetry gatherin A Time to decide Rhino World Beat
Robert Earle keen Farm fresh Onions Out Here in the middle KOCH
James McMurty Live in Aught-Three 60 Acres Compadre
Dar Williams Badlands Highway Patrolman Sub Pop
Roberta Weir Everybody'd Got love She wishes she was gone KOPN
Tom Russell Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs Thr  Ballad of edward abbey Hightone
Jerry Foster Everybody'd Got love Third World USA KOPN
Fred Eaglesmith Fallen Stars and Broken Hearts I want to buy your Truck MAOL
The Flatlanders Wheel of Fourtune Neon of Nashville New West
Fred Eaglesmith Fallen Stars and Broken Hearts Dancin' on the Bar MAPL
The wWlders Lissenup! Honky Tonk Mind Rural grit
John D'Agostino In Search of the Dot Commies DWI Blue Coater
Commander Cody & the Lost Too Much Fun Too Much Fun MCA
The Trailerpark troubadors Way Cool world My Baby Whistle when she walks Rug Burn records
James McMurty Live in Aught-Three Chocataw Bingo Compadre