KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 5/13/07 Mothers Day
Time:  12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
peter Rowan Dust bowl children little Mother Sugar hill
iris dement infamous angel Mama's oprey Warner Brothers
Matraca berg Sunday morning to Saturday night Good ole girl Rising tide
Johnny Cash Columbia Records 1958- 1986 five feet high and Rasing columbia
jesse james the Seasons the Changes Mama' Litle Jesse productions
fred eaglesmith Balin tin Pot nelly MAPL
Southern Culture on the skids For lovers Only daddy was a precher,but moma was a go go girl safe House communications
commander Cody  too much Fun Mama Hated diesals so Bad MCA
Merle haggard country pride mama Tried CEMA
truckstop souviner leave nothing behind mama's Debt Truckstop souviner
dave alvin public domain mam Ain't long for day Hightone
Lucinda williams West Mama your sweet lost Highway
Joan Baez The Joan Baez country music album Will the Circle be unbroken Vanguard
rachel herrington The bootleggers Daughter untilted Skinny dennis
Johnathan bentley sue Real soul mayapple
cary hudson Bitter sweet blues sleeping under the Stars Black dog records
Noah earle Postcards from home Head In The Sand mayapple
Paul zarzyski the Glorious Commotion of it All escorting grammt to the JRP Records
lil rev Fountain of Uke Red hot lil rev
the wreckers Stand still and look pretty one more girl maverick
jill scott jill scott watching me
Joan Osborne Early recordings wild world womanly hips
rachel herrington The bootleggers Daughter summer's gone Skinny dennis
Bob Dyer Everybodys got love Highwinds on the hill top KOPN
Rory block the Lady and mr. johnson Walking blues Rykodisc
Gob iron death songs for the living east virgina blues Transmit sound
jesse james the Seasons the Changes rubies & gold Litle Jesse productions
Noah earle Postcards from home mr mullenbrook's Paw paw grove mayapple
tom waits orpheus army ants Anti-
The (T)homs Everybodys got love Smiling bob's bossno KOPN
Lucinda williams west words lost Highway
lil rev Fountain of Uke crawdad little rev
tom waits orpheus king kong Anti-
Joan Osborne Early recordings what you do womanly hips
Noah earle Postcards from home better by degrees mayapple