KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 5/14/06
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Ed bruce International singer songwrite mama don't let your babies griw
Merle Haggard Country pride mama Tried Cema
Fred Eaglesmith Balin Tin pot Nelly MAPL
Peter Rowan Dust Bowl Children little Mother sugar hill
Guy clark Boats to build Madona & child 1969 Electra
Matraca berg Sunday morning to Saturday Night she's a good old girl Rising tide
Mary Gauthier Drag Queens in limosines Lifetime in the Black
Gillian welch Hell among the yeralings one morning ALMO
Merle Haggard Country pride Mama hungry eyes Cema
joe ely twistin in the wind Nacho Mama MCA
Commander cody Too Much fun Mama hated diesal so bad MCA
Ananis Mitchell hymns for the Exciled I wear your dress waterbug
Gillian welch & David Rawlings Live in Hickory NC Orphan Girl Acostic Stage
steve young primal Young little Birdie Appleseed
Dave alvin West of the west Tramps & Hawkers yep roc
Tom russell hotwalker Beat folk Hightone
Tom russell hotwalker Van ronk Hightone
Paul Zarzyski The Glorious commotion of it all Escroting grammy to the pot luck JRP Records
kieran Kane & Kevin welch Lost John Dean Monkey jump Dead Recking
Bob Dyer River runs Outside My door The wild Child of gooch mill Big Canoe records
neil Young living with War Lookin for a Leader Reprise
rodney crowell The Outsider The Obscenty Prayer Columbia
neil Young living with War restless consumer Reprise
Jack Williams Laughing at The blus Hushabye Wind river
Jerome wheeler River Cowboys River Cowboy blue Coater
Big Smith Gig Back water Mayapple
Dave alvin West of the west Down on the river bed yep roc
Dave Alvin West of the west Down on the river bed yep roc
kieran Kane & Kevin welch Lost John Dean Heaven Now Dead Recking
jolie holland Escondida Darlin ukele Anti-
Rain Dogs Rain dogs Girlish Days Rain dogs
Mary Gauthier Dixie Kitchen Ways of the world in the Black
Tom russell Fear & Love All the fine young Ladies Hightone
Dave alvin West of the west blind love yep roc
Ben weaver Hollarin at a woodpecker Don't want to go no where 30/30
Rachel ries For You Only Cleveland waterbug
Rain Dogs Hair of the dog Me and my chauffer blues Rain dogs