KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 5/28/06
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Mary Gauthier Mercy Now Mercy now Lost highway
Tom Waits Soedfish trombones Shore Leave Island
Neil young Living with War Living with War Reprise
David crosby If I could only remember my name What are their names Atlantic
steve Earle The revolution starts  now Rich Mans War Artemis
steve Earle The revolution starts  now warrior Artemis
Anais Mitchell hymns for the Exciled Before the eyes pf story telling girls Waterbug
Bartholomew bean In the Land of Giant midgets in The Land of Giant Midgets B. Bean
James McMurtry Childish Things Can't make it Here Compadre
Merle Haggard Chicago wind Where's all the freedom Capitol
steve Earle The revolution starts  now The Gringo Tale Artemis
John prine Fair & Square Some People ain't Human Oh Boy
Rodney crowell The Outsider Dancin circles around the sun Columbia
steve Earle The revolution starts  now Home to Houston Artemis
Paul Zarzyski The The Clorious Commotion of it all 1998 JRP
Bob Dayer A River runs out my door Wait for the Light Big Canoe Records
Fred Eaglesmith Lips Lies and Gasoline Water in the Fuel Razor and Tie
Neil young Living with War Shock and awe Reprise
The Staples Great Day Masters of War Milestone
lee ruth Everybodys Got love Everybodys got love KOPN
Robert Hunter Box of Rain Box of Rain Ryko
Rocket Kirchner Wake me in october Spme Day Splinter Arts
Jolie Holland Sring Time can kill You moonshiner Anti-
Tom russell Love & Fear Four Chambered Heart Hightone
rob junklas Arkedelphia x for my name Mad Jack
Antsy mcClain Time- sweetened- lies Della Rae don't much care DPR
Rain Dogs hair of the dog drink muddy Water Rain dogs
Bob dyer Songteller On a day like today Big Canoe Records
Bartholomew bean Everybodys Got love Willow song KOPN
Jerome Wheeler river Cowboys River Cowboy Blu Coaster
Dave Bandy Everybodys Got love Arkansa Mud KOPN
Rocket Kirchner Wake me in october One Woman short Splinter Arts