KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 6/4/06
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
New riders of the purple sage new riders of the Purple sage Last Lonly Eagle Columbia Legacy
Mary Guathier mercy Now just say she's a Rymer Lost Highway
Ray Wylie Hubbard Loco gringo's lament Didn't have a prayer deja Disc
kieran kane six months no sun kill the demon Dead Reckoning
Dave Alvin west of the west between the cracks Yep Roc
Bastard sons of Johnny Cash Mile Maker Radio girl rexacali
Raul Malo The Nashville acoustic sessions Your going to maker me lonseoe CMH
kieran kane , Kevin welch & Fats kaplan Lost John dean Lost John Dean Dead Reckoning
Robert Johnson Have i got the Blues for You hellhound on my tail dressed to kill
Hank III Straight To Hell Satan is Real/Straight to hell Curb
jolie holland Springtime can kill you moonshiner Anti-
Dave Alvin west of the west Sonora Death row Yep Roc
fred Eaglesmith Ralph's Last show Freight Train signature
fred Eaglesmith Ralph's Last show 105 signature
Dale Watson Whiskey or God Whiskey or god Pa;o duro
Sarah Hughes Southern Savage The Sugar's gone Sarh hughes
Paul Zarzyski The Glorious commotion of it all on my Birthday JRP Records
Ben weaver Stories Under Nails Like a wound Fugawee Bird
 Anais Mitchell hyms for the Exciled Mocking Bird Waterbug
Neil Young Living with War The Restless Consumer Reprise
plumb Bobs Plumb Bobs Buy my shine Bob Runyon
Matt Fockler gypsey Maintence Black Marlin Gypsey Maintence
commander Cody & Lost P.A. Too Much Fun Down to seeds and stems blues
John D'Agostino in Search of the Dot commies Bu Me an airplane Blue Coaster
Greg Allman Laid Back Midnight rider Polydor
crooked Jack Live at coopers landing 2-29-05 delta Line Radio Ranger
Jerome wheeler River Cowboy Sit By the river Blue Coaster
Jerome wheeler River Cowboy swimmig in the river Blue Coaster
Bartholomew Bean land of Gaint midgets a Better way to sing or song Basement bootleg tapes & records
Mike Herdson Edge of Night This could be the last time Dead Reckoning
tom russell love & Fear K.C. Violin Hightone
Rain Dogs Rain dogs K.c. Blues Rain dogs
Rocket kirchner Live at Kopn When your young Radio ranger