KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 6/5/05
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
jerome wheeler riverbillys banjo River wheeler
Guy Clark The dark Mud Sugar Hill
jerome wheeler in search of the dot commies foloow the wind Blue Coaster
Ray wylie Hubbard delirium tremolo This Morning I'm born again
David Olney migration No One knows what love is loudhouse
Towenes Van Zandt live at the Old quater, Houston To Live is to Fly Charly
John prine fair & Square The glory of True Love Oh Boy
Bartholomew Bean Everybody's Got love willow song KOPN
Kasey Chambers Wayward angel like a River Warner Brothers
Anais Mitchell hymns for the Exciled before the eyes of stiry tellong girlls waterbug
Paul & Win Grace fiddle folk and foolishness River Wellspring
jim Lauderdale The hummingbirds new cascade Dualtone
Andrew Hardin Blue acoustic Bajo#1 Andrew Hardin
Tom russell indians Cowboys horses dogs The Ballad of edward abbey
David crosby if i could only rember my name What are their Names Atlantic
jerry garcia band how sweet it Is Gomor GDP
jim Lauderdale Headed for the hills Paint and Glass Dualtone
Paul Zarzyski the glorious commotion of it all face to Face jrp records
Anais Mitchell hymns for the Exciled 1984 waterbug
Bruce Callow 7 new interNational prisoner pisoner MCB Records
the Android sisters greatest hits barking up the wrong tree ZBS
gretchen peters The secret of life The secret of life Imprint
barence whiefield hillbilly Voodoo The cuban sandwich East side digttal
Matt fockler gypsy maintence lakota sioux matt Fockler
The plumb Bobs life as art beutiful rain Bob runyon
CRB Everybody's Got love sometimes i miss my Home KOPN
Jack williams Everybody's Got love sneaking up on the Blues KOPN
Lucinda williams Live @ The filmore World without tears Lost Highway
Dolly Parton Live and Well After the Gold rush Sugar Hill
Anais Mitchell hymns for the Exciled Mockingbird waterbug
kieran Kane & kevin welch You Can't Save everybody FlyCatcherjack & Whippoorwill Compas
david Olney migration Birds loudhouse
Dolly Parton Live and Well we irish sugar hill