KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tooin Radio
Date: 6/27/04
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Joan Osborne relish man in the long black coat mercury
Gillian Welch soul journey one Monkey acony
James McMurty Live in aught three out here in the middle Compadre
 Bottle Rockets Blue Sky Lucky break Samyury
Fred Eaglesmith Lipstick lies & Gasoline Water in theFuel Razor and tie
The Nortorious Cherry Bombs Advancede Copy Let it roll let it Ride Universal South
The Flatlanders Wheel of Fortune Midnight Train New west
Dave Alvin Ash Grove Out of Control Yep Roc
Rosie Flories Rockabilly Philly Boxcars Hightone
Bottle Rockets Blue sky A man of constant anxiety Sancturury
Merle Haggard okie from muskogee Okie from Muskogee Capitol
The Nortorious Cherry Bombs Advancede Copy oklahoma Dust Universal South
James McMurty Live in aught three Choctaw Bingo Compadre
waddie Mitchell Live Piddlin pete Shanchie
the Trailer Park Troubadours Double wide and dangerous The crouquet king Rug Burn
Wheeler/Szkolka In search of the dot commies Huey Blue Coaster
Sertab Masked and anonymous One more cup of Coffee Columbia /Sony
Tom Russell indians Cowboys horses Dogs Tonight we ride Hightone
Jack williams Everybody's got love Sneakin up on the Blues KOPN
David Olney Eye of the storm Steal my thunder Philo
Wayne Hancock swing time Route 66 Bloodshot
Dale Watson Breamland Fox on the Run KOCH
Gram Parsons GP That's all it took reprise
Bottle Rockets Blue Sky mom & Dad santuary
Big Smith Gig Worried man Blues Mayapple
Big Smith Gig mokingg Bird Mayapple
Rank Sinatras Everybody's got love Public Domain KOPN
Fred Eaglesmith Ralph's Last Show White Trash Signature
Fred Eaglesmith Ralph's Last Show good Enough Sinature
Trailer Park Troubadours bootlegged The spittin Match Riostar
Dave Stuckey Get a load of this Kansas City Kitty HMG
Deke Dickerson My name is deke Muleskinner Blues Hightone