KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 7/1/07
Time:  12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Neil young freedom keep on rockin in the free world Reprise
Shaver Tramps on your street Good ol' USA zoo prexis
Paul thorn mission temple fireworks stand Mission temple fireworks Stand Perpetual obsecurity records
Dave alvin out in california 4th of july Hightone
James Mcmurtry live in aught three Choctaw bingo Compadre
John fogerty Premonitio Bad moon rising repise
The Bastrad sons of johnny Cash mile marker The pride of abilene Texacali
Iris dement tulare Dust Big city Hightone
John Hartford The john Hartford antholgy I would Not Be here Flying Fish
Lil Rev Fountain of uke ukelele moon lil Rev
Lil Rev Fountain of uke Shady Grove lil Rev
Cary hudson bitter sweet Blues shoofly blue Black dog records
Noah Earle Postcards from home Lighting fireworks Mayapple
The wreckers Stand still look Pretty One more girl Maverick
Lucinda williams West Rescue Lost Highway
Joan Osborne Breackfast in Bed What becomes of the broken heartred Direct Holdings
The Cambell brothers Sacred stell Out a little love in your Heart Yazoo
Paul Zarzyski Words growing wild Pie Eating Champion JRP Records
Rory Block The Lady and mr. Johnson Crossroads blues Rounder
The Cambell brothers Sacred stell Thanks Ya Yazoo
Los Lobos Just another Band from East l A What's Going On? Slash Warner brothers
Leon russell leon russell give Peace a chance Shelter
Paul thorn mission temple fireworks stand Everybody looks good at the start Perpetual obsecurity records
Rachel herrington the Bootleggers Daughter untiled Skinny dennis
Gob Iron Death songs for the living Buzz and grind Transmit sound
Bottle Rockets bottle rockets hey moon East side Digital
Noah Earle Postcards from home butter and Bread Mayapple
Dave alvin great American Music Galaxy out of control yep roc
Lucinda williams west Wrap my head around That Lost Highway
bob Pittman Talking germ lab blues Talking germ Lab blues bob pittman
jesse james The seasons The changes Dirty Socks little Jess 
frewell Flutes The sound of life The forest Dance Fretwell Flutes
Tom Russell Hotwalker America The Beautiful Hightone