KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 7/2/06
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
The Blasters American Music American Music Hughtone
Dave alvin out in California 4th of july hightone
Neil young Freedom Keep rocking in the free world Reprise
Robert hunter A box of Rain Franklin's tower Ryko
Grateful Dead Mar's Hotel u. s. blues
Paul Thorn Mission Temple fireworks stands Mission temple Fireworks Stand Back Porch records
Ray wylie hubbard Delirum Tremolos Choctaw Bingo Philo
Arigon Starr The red Road Choctaw Blues Wacky productions unlimted
Arigon Starr The red Road The Red Road Wacky productions unlimted
Merle haggard Chicago wind Where's the the freedom Capitol
Neil young Living War looking for a Leader Reprise
Ray LaMontagne trouble How come RCA
Ray wylie hubbard Snake Farm Snake Farm Sustain records
Kieran Kane kevin welchs fats Lost john Dean Satan's Paradise Dead Reckoning
Mary Gauthier Mercy now prayer without words Lost Highway
Paul Zarzyski words Growing wild Pie Eatin' Champion JRP Records
Wade Fernandez Song of the Black wolf Discovering america ( Full ver) Wade Fernandez
antsy mclaind time - sweetened-Lies Falling in love in america DPR Records
Rodney Crowell The Outsider Don't get me started Columbia
Fred Eaglesmith milly's cafe 18 wheels Mapl
Emmy lous Harris the pilgrim the Pilgram : 33 American roots Publishing
Jim Lauderdale Head For the hills Crazy peg and darby duyle Dual tone
Ray wylie hubbard Snake Farm Poelcat Sustain records
Tom Russell Love & Fear Four Chambered Heart hightone
Dave Alvin The Great american Music Galaxy Somewhere in time Yep roc provate Stock
Dave alvin The Graeat american Music Galaxy Ashgrove Yep roc provate Stock
Gillian Welch Time a revalator I dream a Highway acony
Gretchen peters hotwalker america the Beautiful hightone
andrew Hardin Blue acoustic Seminole Andre Hardin