KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 7/3/05
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Neil Young freedom Rockin in the free world reprise
Dave alvin Out in California 4th of july hightone
The Blasters aqmerican Music American music hightone
lucinda williams live @ the filmore American dream Lost highway
Jerry foster everybodys Got love third world USA KOPN
Joan Osborne How Sweet it Is Smiling Face sometimes Compendia
Anais mitchell Hymns for the Exciled 1984 Waterbug
Paul thorn mission temple Fireworks stand mission temple Fireworks stand perpetual obscurity
Los lobos Another Band from East LA What's going On Slash
jim Lauderdale Headed for the hills Sandy ford Dualtone
Tom russell Cowboy Rael Roanine philo
Tom russell The Rose of the san Joaquin The sky above the mud below hightone
John prine Fair & square Crazy as a loon oh Boy
Towens Van zandt Live at the old quarter White Freighjt Liner Blues Cahrley
Plumbbobs plumb Bobs Gooberwood Bob runyon
Paul Zarzyski Words Gone wild pue Eatin' champion JRP Records
Ray Wylie hubbard Delirum tremolo choctaw bingo philo
The android Sisters pull no punches my Beautiful flag ZBS
James mcmurtry jamesmccmurtry.com Can't Make It here jamesmcmurtry.com
Big Smith gig L&nL&N don't stop here anymore Mayapple
David olney eye of the storm queen annies Lace philo
Raul Malo The Nashville acoustic sessions Youre going to make me lonsome when you go CMH
Kieran Kane & Kevin welch You Can't Save everybody Flycatcher jackand the whipoorwill compass
Steve Earle The Revolution starts now The Gringos tale artemus
Grateful Dead Mars hotel U.S.Blues Grateful Dead records
TheAllman Brothers Eat a Peach Blue sky Polydor
Crosby stills, Nash & Young Four way street on the way home Atlantic
Dave Alvin Out in California Ameriican Musiic Hightone
Tom russell Hotwalker America the beautiful hightone