KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio Kerrville Folk Fest.
Date: 7/6/03
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
NMyshakins Ruby Warbler Ruby Warbler rosebud 7 bullets
Peter Wild Loose save your seeds peterWild
Steven Fromholtz Live at Anferson fair If i couldn't to the river Felicity records
Chuck Broadsky Last of the old time Take me out back Red house
Johnathan Byrd The waitree The ballad of larry Johnathan Byrd
Libby kirpatrick Songs from the ether Jupiter Libby Kirpatrick
Melissa Carper Melissa Carper Tosotios in texas Melissa Carper
Brian Qtin Pareetfishhead box-of maple avenue Burned toothbrush
Rachel Ries Live in Studio slay you KOPN
Matt Fockler Live in Studio Nubial young women KOPN
Jerome Wheeler Riverbillys River Cowboy Jerome Wheeler
Timothy Mason Bloodlines Pony Rider
Annis Mitchell The song they sang whenrome Orlenna Annias mitchell
Jason Eklund Come and gone YoYoYo Jason Eklund
Laura Freeman Greatest hits from the 20's and 30's 11 Roses Laura freeman
The Road Dog Divas The Road dog Divas Flat bottom boat Road dog Divas
Rachel Ries Live in studio Dorie KOPN
Stve Fisher A boys lifein Texas Tha'ts my toy Waterbug
Tom Heinl I know you arte but what am I In grown nail Top Bunk Records
Ken Gaines Real men Real men Ken gains
Matt Fockler Live at Kopn Goochies mill KOPN
Rachel Ries Live at Kopn Lickey split KOPN
Laurie McBaine 4 song sampler My Heaven Kindred voices
Adam +  Kris Promesis The Parade If you want it done right
Wil Taylor Housefly
Elabeth Suggs Hold me up to the light made in America number one records
Steve Gillette/CindyMamgsen A sense of place Tid and the river rising Red wing music
Anne Feeney Have you been to jail for justice Have you been to jail for justice Super 88
Ronny Cox Cowboy Sevant santuary Elixer
Karen Mal Karen Mal  Beyond the healights Boars
Ed Florida southern rock fusion defined Rabbit??? Ed Florida
Matt Fockler live at Kopn Lupus KOPN