KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 7/18/04
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Joan Baez Ring them bells The Night they drve ole dixxie down Garden
Joni Mitchell For the roses You Turn me on I'm a Radio Asylum
Dolly  Parton The Grass is Blue Cash on the barrel head Sugar hill
Kasey chambers Barricades & Brickwalls Still feeling blue Warner brothers
Mandy Barnett mandy Barnett Three days Asylum
Patsy Cline Live at the opry I fall to pieces MCA
Matraca berg Slow Posion Waiting for the sky to fall RCA
Lucinda Williams essence I envy the the wind
Rosanne Cash Interiors What we raelly want Columbia
Mary cahpan carpenter Come On come Passionate Kisses Columbia
Eleni Mandell Afternoon County Line Zedtone
Mary lou Williams Everybody's Got love playn' it pretty KOPN
Wil Maring Turning of a century the end of the trail Roan pony
Katy Moffatt Cowboy Girl Black eyed caballero Western jubilee
Emmylou Harris Red Dirt Girl Red Dirt Girl Nonesuch
Gillian Welch Time the reavator red Dirt halo Acony
Norah Jones Feels like Home Carnival Town EMI
Roberta Weir Everybody's Got love She wishes she were gone KOPN
Natalie Merchant The House carpenters daughter Sally ann Myth America
Waddie Mitchell Buckaroo poet belle of the ball warner western
Dixie chicks Fly Sin Wagon Sony
Joan Osborne Early recordings Wild World Polydor
The android sisters Pull No punches Rogue Elephant ZBS
Dar Williams Badlands Highway Patrolman Subpop
Deana Carter Badlands Stae trooper Subpop
Anni DiFranco Badlands Used cars Subpop
Gillian Welch hell among the yearlings The devil had a hold on me Almo
Katy Moffatt Cowboy Girl Ol' bill miner Western jubilee
Rory block When a women gets the blues joilet bound Rounder
Roisie Flories After the Farm She has more to offer hightone
Sheryl Clapton live at KOPN Toys in the attic KOPN
Sheryl Clapton live at KOPN Fourth and memory KOpn
Sheryl Clapton live at Kopn North of Santa fe Kopn
Sheryl Clapton liveat Kopn New mexico skies Kopn
Sheryl Clapton live at kopn Rainmaker KOPN
Loretta lynn Van lear Rose High on a mountain top Interscope