KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin' Tootin' Radio
Date: 8/7/05
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Wil maring The turning of a Century To the end of the Trail Raon pony
Bastard Sins of johnny Cash Mile Marker No Easy Road Texacali
Kasey chambers Telluride Bluegrass festival Not pretty enough Rounder
Gillian welch Hell among the yearlings Good till now Almo
Lucinda williams Going Driftless Lately Red House
Jolie holland Catalpa Alley floers Anti-
Jerry Garcia 8 David grisman all around This world Blue yodel #9 Acoustic disc
Jolie holland Catalpa roll My Blues Anti-
Towens Van Zandt Live at the Old quarter Rez's blues Charley
Matt Fockler Matt fockler devil on a roll Matt Fockler
Troubadours of divine bliss off the cuff Shake the devil Troubadours of divine bliss
James Mcmurtry jmesmcmurtry.com Can't make iy here jamesmcmurtry.com
Dave alvin Ashgrove ashgrove Yeproc
James Mcmurtry childish things six Year drought compadre
fred Eaglesmith Drivin movie 49 tons MAPL
ken Shepherd EGL Live So Close to the feeling KOPN
Paul Zarzyski The Glriuos commotion of it all 1998 JRP Records
David Olney migration Lenora Loudhouse
jim Lauderdale Headed for the Hills I'll sing again Dualtone
Rachel Ries For you Only Luckist girl waterbug
Anais Mitchell hymnfor the exciled 1984 waterbug
Jolie holland escondida Darlin ukale Anti-
The Android Sisters Greatest Hits Barking up the wrong tree ZBS
James Mcmurtry childish things Childish things compadre
crosby stills, Nash & Young Four Way street Don't let it bring you down
jerry Foster Everybody's Got love Third world USA KOPN
Rodney Crowell The Outsider Shelter from the storm Sony
Troubadours of divine bliss off the cuff Angel from mont Troubadours of divine bliss
John prine Fair v& Square Glory of true love Oh Boy
Ray Wylie hubbard delirum Tremolo Drivin wheel philo
Jimmie dale gilmore Come on Back Pick Me up on your waydown Rounder
Joey Pogue Everybody's Got love The Company of Woman KOPN
Lucinda williams Live @ The Filmore World without Tears Lost highway
Rodeny crowell The Outsider Rock of soul Sony
James Mcmurtry childish things old Part town compadre