KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 8/13/06
Time:  12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Mary Gauthier filth & Fire Walh through the Fire In The black records ?
K. D. Lang Reintarnation Diet of strange Places Rhino ?
kieran Kane,kevin welch, Fats You Can't Save Everybody You Can't Save Everybody Dead reckoning ?
Eric Taylor The Great divide Whorehuse Mirrors and Pawnshop Knives Blue ruby ?
Ray Wylie hubbard Snake Farm Mother's Husband blues Sustain ?
Ben weaver Stories Under Nails 40 watt bulb Fugawee bird ?
Naoh Earle six ways to Sunday Preacher's Blues Noah Earle ?
John Hammond I-10 chronicles vol 2 Fish in the Jail House Back porch ?
kieran Kane,kevin welch, Fats Lost john Dean Monkey Jump Dead reckoning ?
Gretchen peters The secret of life The secret of life Imprint records ?
John D'Agostino In Seach of The dot commies Buy Me an Airplane Blue Ciaster ?
Joan Osborne How sweet it is I'll Be There compendia ?
Charlie Musclewhite The I-10 Chronicles Black Magic Women Back porch ?
Ed Florida Sothern  Folk Fusion defined Rablin Man Edflorida ?
Bill herme The I-10 Chronicles L. A Freeway Back porch ?
Gillian Welch & David Rawlings Live in hickory NC Dusty Box Car Wall Acoustic Stage ?
Waddie Mitchell Live  Goat on a rope Shannachie ?
Tom Russell Who's Gonna Build your wall Who's gonna build your Wall Hightone ?
Dave Alvin West of The West Between the cracks Yep Roc ?
Anais Mitchell hymns for the Exciled 1984 Waterbug ?
Eric Taylor The Great divide The great Divide Blue ruby ?
kieran Kane,kevin welch, Fats Lost john Dean Clean Get away Dead reckoning ?
Guy Clark Work Bench Songs Magdelene Dualtone ?
robert Earl Keen live at the Rhyman Amarillo highway Koch ?
Dave Alvin The Great American Music Galawy Mary Brown yep Roc ?
Warren Zevon The wind knockin on heavens door Artemis ?
Neil young Living with War Restless Consumer reprise ?
Jim lauderdale Headed for the Hills Sandy ford Dualtone ?
kieran Kane,kevin welch, Fats Lost john Dean to the Harvest look ahaed Dead reckoning ?
Eric Taylor the great divide A Brand New Compaion Blue Ruby ?
Fred Eaglesmith milley's Cafe Mrs. Hank Williams MAPL ?
Rocket kirchner Wake Me In October One Woman Short Splinter Arts ?
Jerome wheeler River Cowboy Stolen away Blue Coaster ?
Ray Novak Live at KOPN Missippi Mud KOPN ?