KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 9/5/04
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Kieran kane You can't save everybody Everybody's working for the man Compass
Jerry Foster Everybody's Got love Third World USA KOPN
Steve Earle The revolution starts now Rich Man's War E- Squared
Steve Earle The revolution starts now warrior E- Squared
Nanci Griffith other rooms Too Wasn't That a mighty Storm Electra
Jum Lauderdale Headed for the Hills Crazy peg and Darby doyle Dualtone
Dave Alvin Ashgrove Ashgrove Hightone
Fred Eaglesmith 50 odd dollars tha's a Mighty big Car razor and tie
J.J. Cale Guitar man miss Old st. louie Delabel
Fred Eaglesmith Ralph's Last show freight train Signature
David Olney Border Crossing Running from love Corazong
Tom Russell Chowmein Old ceyene hightone
James Mcmurtry Live in aught theree Lights of ceyene Compadre
Rosie Flores Single Rose Aromatherapy cowgirl Durango Rose
Rosie Flores Single Rose Single Rose Durango Rose
Waddie Mitchell Lone driftin rider When they finidh shipping cattle in the fall Warner Western
SteveYoung Renegade Picker All Her lovers want to be the hero BMG
The Android Sisters Pull No Punches Anyone Home ZBS
Steve earle The revolution starts now Condi condi E- Squared
Tom russell Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs Bacon rind, chief seattle, Ira H. Hightone
Jim Ladderdale Headed for the Hills looking Elsewhere Dualtone
David Olney Illegal cargo if my eyes where blind Strictly musdic
Lee Ruth Everybody's Got love everybody's Got love KOPN
Gillian Welch time the reavalator Everythings Free Acony
Steve Youndg Renegade Picker Sweet Home BMG
Raul Malo the Nashville acoustic sessions Your Going to Make me lonsome when you go CMH
Jerry Garcia and David Gisman been All Around this world Blue Yodel#9 Acoustic disc
New Riders of the Purole Sage new riders of the Purple sage Glenndale train Columbia
Gillian Welch hell among the yearlings one morning Almo
Gillian Welch time the reavalator Elvis Presley blues Acony
Gillian Welch hell among the yearlings My morphine Almo
Jim Laderdale Headed for the Hills headed for the hills Dualtone