KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin' Tootin' Radio
Date: 09/18/05
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Steve goodman City of new orleans city of new Orleans Pair Records
kieran kane & Kevin welch You Can't Save everybody Somewhwere in the middle Compass
jim Lauderdale head for the hills crazy peg and darby doyle Dualtone
kieran kane Dead Rekoning This dirty little Town dead reckoning
The Band The Last Waltz ophelia
Neil young the Last waltz Helpless
Neil young The Last Waltz Four Strong winds
Ray wylie hubbard Dangerious spirits Last Train to amsterdam philo
Rocket kirchner Where the river rolls When your young KOPN
Lucinda Williams Happy woman Blues Howlin' at midnight Smithsoian
Robert Johnson Have I got the Blues for you Walking Blues Dressed to kill
Rachel Ries for you only for You only Waterbug
Mary gauthier Mercy Now prayer without words lost highway
Bastard Sons of johnny Cash Mile marker No Easy Road texacali
Ray wylie hubbard Delirium tremolo The Beaty Way Philo
Anais Mitchell Live at middlebury VT Mockingbird anaismitchell.com
Kieran Kane Shadows on the ground shadows on the ground dead reckoning
Paul Zarzyski The glotious commotion of Partners JRP Records
David olney migration Lenora Loudhouse
john Prine Fair & Square Morning Train Oh Boy
The Android Sisters Pull No punches theFree Market ZBS
Kierane Kane 7 kevin welch You Can't Save everybody Everybodys working for the man Compass
Jerry foster everybody's got love Third World USA KOPN
Robert Johnson Have I got the Blues for you Crossroad Blues Dressed to kill
Bartholomew Bean live at KOPN stranded on earth KOPN
fred eaglesmith drivin Movie i like Trains MAPL
Bartholomew Bean live at KOPN Land of Giant midgets KOPN
Gillian welch & David Rawlings live hickory NC Leaving Train Acoustic Stage