KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 9/25/05
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Mary Gauthier mercy now it ain't the wind it's the rain Lost highway
Johnny Cash Columbia Records 1958-1986 how High is the water Mama Columbia
steveie ray Vaughn The Sky is crying The sky is crying Epic
Jack Williams oh Chain lightn' Wind River
The neville brothers 20th century masters a change is goin come am
Joliet holland Catlpa I wanta Die Anti_
Kieran Kane Shadows on the Ground Anint holding Back Dead reckoning
Rich show Obviously Catch you when you fall FWH Records
Mary Gauthier mercy now pryer without words Lost highway
Warren zevon The Wind Knockin on Heavens door Artemis
Bartholomew Bean where the river rolls in These times KOPN
Country joe mcdonold Supersitios Blues Clara Barton Ryko
Gillian welch & David rawlings unknown Billy unknown
Anais Mitchell hymns of exciled 1984 WaterBug
The Dead reckoners A Night of reckoning When were gone long gone Dead reckoning
David olney Migration Lenora Loudhouse
Ray Wylie Hubbard Delirium Tremolo This Mornin g I wasBorn again Philo
Waddie Mitchell lone drfitin Rider When the finish shipping Cattle in Warner Western
Kieran Kane Six Months No sun Kill The demon Dead reckoning
The flatlanders Broadcast Vol. 10 I Had my Hopes Up high KGSR
the android sisters greatest iHits It's not out there ZBS
Guy Clark Old #7 L.A. freeway Sugar Hill
Mary Gauthier mercy now Just Say she's a rymer Lost highway
Judy cook Demo Bowene Judy cook
Lucinda Williams Happy Women Blues Lafeyette Folkways
Jim Lauderdale Headed for the Hills Upside down Dualtone
Matt Fockler Live at KOPN 33 KOPN
Rich Show Obviously Say Goodbye to Mephis FWH Records
Matt Fockler Live at KOPN Mean drunk KOPN
Jack williams Everybodys Got Love sneakin Up on the Blues KOPN
Matt Fockler Live at KOPN She Likes to dance KOPN
Anais Mitchell hymns of exciled The Belly and beast WaterBug
Matt Fockler Live at KOPN Love Ain't Easy KOPN
Andrew Hardin & dave Alvin Blue Acostic Mexacali Chinatoen Andrew hardin