KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 11/06/05
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre Time of Day Open Theme Close Theme Writer or Composer
Rosinni/Ranger Ranger Intro Mix William Tell Overture/Ranger Mix RR ? 12:00 Y Rosinni/Rager
The neville brothers Live on planet earth Sister rosa A&M Soul 12:05 Cyriil, Larica,jason Nevilee, Cyril neville Jr, Charles moore Dryal Johson
steve Earle The revolution Starts now Rich Ma's War Artemis Country 12:10 Steve Earle
steve vEarle The revolution Starts now Warrior Artemis Country 12:13 Steve Earle
junior Brown Down Home crome jimmy Jones Telarc Country 12:18 Junior Brown
Tom Russell Poor Man's Dream Vetren's Day Dark Angel Country 12:22 Tom Russell
Jim Laudedale Headed for the hills Sandy lee ( Barbara lee) Dualtone Country 12:26 Robert Hunter & Jim Lauderdale
Gillian Welch Time (The Revelator) Elvis presley Blues Acony Contemporary Folk 12:39 Welch-Rawlings
Neil young Praire Wind He was the King Reprise Rock 12:43 Neil young
Ray Wylie Hubbard Dangerous Spirits The Ballad of the Crimson Kings Philo Country 12:50 Ray Wylie Hubbard
Bob Dyer A River runs outside my door The New Madrid Earthquake Big Canoe Contemporary Folk 12:55 Bob Dyer
Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch You Can't Save everybody You Can't Save Everybody Cpmpass records Country 13:04 Kieran Kane Sean Locke
Jerry Garcia How sweet it si Gomorah Esate of Jerry Garcia Rock 13:07 Jerry Garcia & Robert Hunter
Jack Williams Laughing at the Blues Unseen Habd Wind River Contemporary Folk 13:12 Jack Williams
Mary Gauthier Mercy Now Prayer without words Lost Highway Contemporary Folk 13:17 Mary Gauthier
Anais Mitchell hyms for the Exciled Mockingbird WaterBug Contemporary Folk 13:23 Anais Mitchell
David Olney Border Crossing Little Bit of Posion Corazong Country 13:27 David Olney
Paul Zarzyski the Glorious Commotion of it All  Bucks in Rut JRP Records Spoken Word 13:30 Paul Zarzyski
Neil young Praire Wind No Wonder Reprise Rock 13:33 Neil young
Kieran Kane Shadows on the ground Ain't holding back Dead Recking Country 13:41 Kieran Kane & Sean Locke
The Android Sisters Pull no punches He Knew ZBS Comedy 13:45 Tom Lopez
Matt Fockler Live at KOPN And Ever Shall KOPN NO REPORT 13:48 Lee Ruth
Matt Fockler Live at KOPN Lilly Marie KOPN NO REPORT 13:52 Matt Fockler
Towenes Van Zandt Live and Obscure Nothin' Sugar Hill Contemporary Folk 14:02 Townes  Van Zandt
Ray novak Live at Kopn Home KOPN NO REPORT 14:05 Raynovak
Ray Wylie hubbard Delirium tremolo Rock and roll gypsys Philo Country 14:10 Raynovak
Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch You Can't Save everybody Everybody's working for the man Compass Country 14:18 kieran
Ray Novak Liva at Kopn Savory KOPN NO REPORT 14:24 Ray Novak
Ray novak Live at Kopn Missippi Mud KOPN NO REPORT 14:27 Ray novak
Noah Earle Six ways to sundays Land of Goshin Noah Earle Contemporary Folk 14:32 Noah Earle
Matt Fockler Live at KOPN Living for Love KOPN NO REPORT 14:36 SEve Fischer
Matt Fockler Live at KOPN She Like Dance KOPN NO REPORT 14:45 Matt Fockler
jolie holland escondida poor Girls Blues Anti- Contemporary Folk 14:48 Jolie holland
Matt Fockler Live at KOPN Riddles and Lies KOPN NO REPORT 14:51 Danny schmidt
Tom russell Man fromGod Know Where Man from God Know Where KOPN Country  1:48 Tom Russell