KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 11/12/06
Time:  12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Joe Ely Live at Liberty Lunch Row of dominoes MCA
Fred Eaglesmith Drivin in Movie freight Train MAOL
Ray Wylie Hubbard Eternal & Lowdown Three Days straught Philo
Tom Russell poor Mans dream Veterans Day Dark Angel
iris dement The Way I should There is a wall in Washington Warner brothers
The Discovery String Band Most Perfect Harmony Meriweather Lewis/the Way Home Big canoe records
Neil young Prairie wind Praiere Wind Reprise
Cathy Barton & Dave Para Sabath Home ALight by the River Roustabout recordeds
aaron neville Bring it on home A Change is going to come Burgendy Recordes
Kieran Kane, Kevin welch, Fats Lost John DEan Satan's Paradise Dead Recking
Bob Dylan  Modern time The Leveee's gonna Break Columbia
steve Young renegae Picker lonesome onrey and Mean BMG
Fred Eaglesmith 50 Odd Dollars Blue Tick hound Razor and Tie
Waddie Mitchell Live at Liberty Lunch Piddlin Pete Western Jubilee
Jack Williams Laughing at the Blues A Sucker for Love Wind River
Rocket Kirchner Wake Me In October Someday Splinter Arts
Tom Russell Fear & Love Old Heart Hightone
Anais Mitchell Live at The lupus store 1984 Radio Ranger
Joan Osborne How sweet it is Smiling Faces Compendia
aaron neville Bring it on home Ain't no Sunshine Burgendy Recordes
Dave Alvin great American Music Galaxy Trouble bound Yep Roc
Ray Wylie Hubbard Snake farm Polecat Sustain recordes
Ben Weaver Stories under Nails Voice in The wilderness Fugawee Bird
Kieran Kane, Kevin welch, Fats Lost John DEan Monkey Jump Dead Recking
Danny Schmidt Parables & Princes This Too Shall Pass live once
Eric Gies & Lee Rith Live At KOPN Rainbow KOPN
Eric Gies & Lee Rith Live At KOPN Red Wing KOPN
Eric Gies & Lee Rith Live At KOPN Cyber KOPN