KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 11/14/04
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Bruce springsteen The Ghost of tom joad Youngstown Columbia
Plumb Bobs Plumb Bobs That's Progress Bob Runyon
Trailhead Burnt Brown Fields West County Renneoko
james Mcmurtry Live in Aught three 60 Acrecs Compadre
Jerry Foster Everybody's Got love Third World USA KOPN
Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch You Can't Save Everybody Hillbilly Blue Compass
Tom russell Indians cowboys horses dogs All the way for this short ride Highttone
Otis Taylor When Negros walked the earth Bowlegged chalie Shoelace Records
Wil Maring The turning of a century look For Me Raon pony
Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch You Can't Save Everybody Till I'm too old to die you Compass
hank williams Sr The Orignal signals Fly trouble polydor
lyle lovett Joshua judges Ruth Fyswatter Ice water blues MCA
Southern Culture On the Skids Ditch diggin The Fly that road from buffalo Safe house
Southern Culture On the Skids Dirt Track Date Green Back Fly Geffen
Otis Taylor Ble eyed monster Nobody know my name Shoelace Records
randy rieman The Cowboy poetry gathering Lasca Rhino world Beat
Otis Taylor When Negros walked the earth 9th Calvary Blues Shoelace Records
Woody guthrie Cowboy songs on folkways Jessie James Folkways
The Android sisters Pull No Punches Cowboys and Arabs ZBS
Leadbelly Cowboy songs on folkways Cow Cow Yicky Yicky Yeah Folkways
Catfish Keith Pony run Pony run Fish Tail records
Noah Earle Sis Ways to Sunday Please Leave Noah Earle
Eric Gies Everybody's Got love Never Did see Dallas KOPN
Catfish Keith Pony run Buffalo Gal Fish Tail records
Rory Block EWhen a woman gets the blues Railrodin some Rounder
Matt Fockler Matt Fockler devil on the Roll GGypsy maintence
Dena Carter The Badlands State trooper Subpop
Rocket Kirchner Everybody's Got love Thief KOPN
Dave Alvin Ashgrove out of Control YepRoc
henry Clay In search of the Dot Commies Man's Got do Blue coaster
Tom russell Modern art crifix in a death/ Cramilita Highttone
Jim Lauderdale Headed for the Hills Elsewhere Dual Tone
David olney Border Crossing Old john Croazonig