KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 11/21/04
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Doc Watson Will the circle be unbroken I am a Pilgram Capitol
Peter Rowan Dust Bowel children The Harvest Sugar hill
Plumb Bobs Plumb Bobs Gooberwood Bob Runyon
jim Laudedale Headed for the Hills Headed for the Hills Dualtone
David Olney The Wheel Revolution Loudhose
Paul and Win Grace Everybody's Got Love Grow Garden Grow KOPN
Noah Earle Six ways to sunday Lord willing and the creek don't rise Noah Earle
Bartholomew Bean Everybody's Got Love willow song KOPN
David Olney Roses Roses Philo
jerry gacia & David grisman Bee all around this world Sitting Here in limbo acoustic disc
David Olney The Wheel Voices on the water Loudhose
jim Laudedale Headed for the Hills Crazy peg and darby Doyle Dualtone
Waddie Mitchell Lone Driftin Rider The Thanksgiving day argument Warner Western
Don edwards Saddle Sons Little Joe the wrangler Shanachie
Don edwards Saddle Sons The joe the wrangelers siste nell Shanachie
Mandy Barnett Mandy Barnett Wayfaring Stranger Asylum
The Android sisters Pull No Punches The Free Market ZBS
Bad Livers Horses in the Mines The old folks shuffle quarter Stick
The CelebratedRenainsance Band Real Live American Music Ashville Junction Totempoint
Jim & lee Ruth H. Marshall Everybody's Got Love Monodolina KOPN
Gillian Welch Time the revalator I want to sing that rock and Roll Acony
James Mcmurtry Live in Aught Three No More Buffalo Compadre
Johnny Cash Rhe Man comes around hurt American
Dave Alvin The I-10 Chronicles ?2 I'm a lonsome Fujative Back porch
Dar Williams Badlands highway Patrolman Sub Pop
Steve Earle The Revolution satrs now The Gringo's Tale Esquared
Kieran Kane and kevin Welch you Can't save everybody Just Like that Compass
Neil young Freedom Keep rockin in the Fere World Reprise
Southern Culture on the skids Ditch Diggin Great atomic poer Safe House
Barence Whitfield Tom Russell Hillbilly Voodoo Blind Wille Mctell East Side Digital
Barence Whitfield Tom Russell Hillbilly Voodoo Ice Water East Side Digital