KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Rootin Tootin Radio
Date: 11/28/04
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Joni Mitchell Blue River reprise
Steve ypung switchblades of love If my eyes were blind Watermelon
The4 Flatlanders Now Again Wavin my heart goodbye New West
Matrca Berg Dunday Morning to saturday night Good old Girl Eving Tide
Roberta weir Everybody's got love She widhes she were gone KOPN
Chris Vallillo Everybody's got love As they lay sleeping KOPN
Iris Dement infamous angel Let the Mystry be Warner Brithers
joe ely twistin in the wind Up on a ridge MCA
James mcmurtry live in aught three too Long in the wasteland Compadre
Joan Osborne Relish St. teresa Mercury
ken shepherd Everybody's got love Rablin' Woman KOPN
David Olney Deeper well Brand New skin Philo
Katy Moffatt Cowboy girl Ole bill Miner Shanchie
The Flying Buritto Brothers Farther Along Wild Horses AM
Waddie Mitchell/Don Edwards The Bard and thre balldeer bronco Twister prayer Warner Brothers
Waddie Mitchell/Don Edwards The Bard and thre balldeer Say Goodbye to montana Warmer Brothers
Steve ypung Solo/live we Have been on this earth together before Watermelon
SRE Everybody's got love Hitch' Post KOPN
Jim Lauderdale Headed for the Hills Head for the Sun Dualtone
Tom russell the long way around beyond the Blues Hightone
Bob dyer River Runs Outside my door Wait for the light big canoe Records
Noah earle Six ways to sunday Land of Goshien Noah earle
plumb Bobs plumb Bobs Gooberwood Bob runyon
Fred Eaglesmith Balin Tin pot nelly MAPL
Kieran kane & kevin Welch You Can't save everybody A prayer like any other Compass
Katy Moffatt Greatest show on earth Amelia's Railroad flat Philo
jerry garcoia & David Grisman Not for kids Only Teddy Bera's Pinic Acosutic Disc
Jim Lauderdale Headed for the Hills high timberline Dualtone
Lee Ruth Everybody's got love Everybody's got love KOPN
pete Szkolka Everybody's got love oh Be Joyful KOPN