KOPN Playlist
Programmer: Radio Ranger
Show: Root'n Toot'n Radio
Date: 12/11/05
Time: 12:00
Artists Album Song Label Genre
Adam duritz The I-70 chronicles Carmelita Back porch
Ben Weaver Stories undernails 40 watt Bulb Fugwee bird
Mary Gauthier Mercy Now Falling out of love Lost Highway
Aumee mann 7 michael Penn Badlands Reason to Believe Subpop
Bruce Springsteen nebraska mansion on the hill Columbia
John prine Fair & Square Some people ain't human Oh Boy
Robert hunter Tiger Rose Rose of sharon Grateful dead Records
Andy wikerson texas when texas was free Dollars for december Adobe Records
Ray Wylie hubbard Delirium Trmolo drivin wheel philo
Ben Weaver Stories undernails Sway with Me Fugwee bird
tom Waits Swordfish Trombones Shore Leave Island
Kieran kane dead rekoning Ramblin Man Dead recking
jimmie dale gilmore Come on Back I'll never get out of this world alive Rounder
Wallace Mcrae Elko a cowboy Gathering Things of intrinsic worth Dualtone
Fred Eaglesmith Falling Stars and Broken Hearts Cumberland county MAPL
Rosie Flories Single rose Boxcars Durango rose
Al green & Lyle Lovett Rhythm Country and Blues funny How Time slips away
The android Sisters Pull No Punches oh Brother ZBS
Jack Williams Laughing at the Blues Laughing at the Blues Wind River
Ray Lamonyagne Triuble How come RCA
Big smith Gig Worried Man Blues Mayapple
James mcmurtry Childish Things Holiday Compadre
Anais Mitchell Hymns for the exciled I wear your Dress Waterbug
Matt Fockler Gypsy maintence 30 below Gypsy maintence
The maybelles White Trash Jenny Snow Plow johnny Little red hen
Rosie Flories Single rose AromaTherapy Cowgirl Durango rose
Mary Gauthier Mercy Now Prayer without words Lost Highway
Ben Weaver Stories undernails Grieve all you want Fugwee bird
Fred Eaglesmith Falling Stars and Broken Hearts Dancing on theBar mapl
jimmie dale gilmore Come on Back Pick me up on your way down Rounder
Plumb Bobs Plumb Bobs That's Progress Bob Runyon
Neil young Prairie wind This old Guitar Reprise
Lee Ruth Everybodys got love Everybody's Got Love KOPN