Here are some of the reasons given to the Pygmy Pony for Not turning on headlights during rain, sleet, snow and fog.

Need you ask why there now is a law in Missouri.


I only have one headlight so I'm saving it so I can drive at night.

I figure if people can't see me then they won't hit me.

I am trying to save the energy in my battery.

I don't think there should be a law about using your headlights while it is raining. What is next a law saying you should wear your seatbelt?

I don't see how turning on my lights helps, it's raining so hard I can barely see out the window any how.

I disabled the alarm for my lights being left on so I don't want to ruin my battery.

I'm not going turn my lights on just so other people can see my silver car in a fog, I can see them just fine.

The more you use your headlights the faster the bulbs burn out.

I get better gas milage with my headlights off.

Don't all cars have day time running lights?

I can't use my windshield wipers, headlights and radio at the same time the battery is too small.