The Pygmy Pony is the Radio Ranger's tried and true trusty transportation. Contrary to some reports the Pygmy Pony never has been to Montana and was never owned by a dental floss tycoon. The Pygmy Pony was found by the Radio Ranger as an abandoned yearling roaming the Steen's Mountain area of eastern Oregon. The bond between the Ranger and Pony was immediate and deep. The Pygmy Pony is a pure blooded Wild Spanish Mustang, his short stout stature is genetic, but his small size is the result of his abandonment in the Alvord Desert. Suffice it to say that the Pony's exact age is unknown, but he has been with the Radio Ranger for almost 20 years. The Ranger is so attuned to the Pygmy Pony that he can interpret and channel his thoughts to the Radio audience. The Pygmy Pony has a well developed mathematical mind and is the bunkhouse expert in science and technology. In 1988 the Pygmy Pony ran for President on the Critter's Consciousness Party, but was considered a dark horse candidate. The experience turned him away from politics.

" The political process was just not very clean, it had all the substance of those power packed pony pellets the Ranger spreads over the bunkhouse garden" .

Although the Pony has sworn never to run for political office again, he does from time to time champion worthy causes (e.g.. Missouri House Bill 247),

"If the humans driving their trucks and cars would just turn their lights on when it is raining and snowing they would be far more visible, It's not like they are saving electricity" .

"Now there is a law!"

The Pygmy Pony's portion of Root'n Toot'n Radio is called Pony's Pick and airs around 2:30 PM. Pony's Pick often contains science segments, interviews, audio art pieces, Radio Theater and anything else the Pony picks to air. The Ranger bears no responsibility for the content or comments of Pony's Pick. The Pony's Picks portion of this page will take you to one of his obscure but always of interest favorite web sites. The Pygmy Pony only asks for a few things: a warm barn with good hay to sleep in at night, fresh cool water, and the love and care of the Radio Ranger. His two main vices are organic apples, carrots and oatmeal cookies. His least favorite critter is the Horse Fly. His favorite past times are reading technical read me files and laying in the sun in the new spring grass.