The Radio Ranger has been on the Air at KOPN 89.5 FM for the last 21 years hosting a Weekly 3 hour Music and Info-tainment show featuring the flora and fauna of the State of Missouri and a mix of Americana music: Classic Country, Honky Tonk, Western Cowboy, Western Swing, Folk, Alternative Country, Rockabilly, Blues, Bluegrass, Tejano, Cajun and Cowboy Poetry. The Ranger served as KOPN's production and remote broadcast engineer from 1993 to 1996 and Produced - "Where The River Rolls", a live music CD, to celebrate KOPN Radio's 20 years of broadcasting local music. The Ranger also engineered and produced the award winning " Classical Trivia" that aired on KOPN. The Ranger was the Satellite Coordinator for four national live broadcasts over NPR of the Grateful Dead -New Year's Eve:1983/1984 1984/1985 & 1985/1986 and the Summer Solstice SEVA Benefit concert from Toronto, Canada in June 1984. The Radio Ranger has been a Free-lance Audio Engineer &Technical Consultant for the past 22 years. For ten years he served as Technical Coordinator for Midwest Radio Theatre Workshop and it's Executive Director for three more years. The Ranger is a Current board member of the National Audio Theatre Festivals. The Ranger Served on the Missouri Arts Council - Citizen Advisory Media Panel from 1995 through 1997. The Ranger is a member of the Missouri Cowboy Poetry Association. Currently the Ranger Works for the Columbia Online Information Network as a technical support specialist. The Ranger is a fanatic St. Louis Cardinal Baseball Fan a vice he inherited from his mother.

Ranger News Story

5-3-2006 Radio Ranger volunteers to Emcee at the City of Columbia Volunteer Apprecation Dinner at the new Riechman Pavillion in Stephens Park.