Weed or Wildflower

of the Week

One man's weed is another man's wildflower the Pygmy Pony regards them as food for browsing. Weed or Wildflower of the Week airs at 2 P.M. on Root'n Toot'n Radio from early March to early November. The focus of the segment is on the wild flora of the State of Missouri. Each week one of the hundreds of wildflower species is highlighted. From the Harbinger of Spring to the last Frost Flower of Fall you will find out what is flowering in your neck of the woods. Should you mow it, pull it, spray it or just let it grow? Tune in on Sunday's to find out what is growing and look at the resources below for more information.

Missouri Wildflower Guide

Missouri Department of Conservation - Plants

Missouri Native Plant Society

Natural Recourses Conservation Service - Plant Database

Missouri Botanical Garden

Center for Plant Conservation

Missouri Prairie Foundation

Wild Ones Natural Landscapers

Weeds Gone Wild - Alien Plant Invaders of Natural Areas

Windstar Wildlife Institute