The Bunkhouse Wood Stove
The bunkhouse wood stove was purchased new in 1982. It is a "Riteway" The top handle is for the fire box and the bottom handle opens the door to the shaker grate and removable ash pan.
A side view of the bunkhouse stove as it sits in the bunkhouse basement
A variety of kindling, small oak limbs, a container of eastern red cedar fine branches without needles and newspaper.
Large and small rounds of oak. These rounds make great coals. I am of the opinion that rounds burn longer and make better coals than split wood .
The inside stack of seasoned wood. I try not to burn the stacked ends but use the middle wood and then replenish as needed.
This stack will last about three weeks without having to go out side to replenish. I try never to go that long but one never knows if it will be too cold ,too wet or you will be too tired to haul wood in to the basement. The stack is about 6 ft. long and about 5 ft. high or about a half of a cord.
I try to save the ends of my stacks and just burn the middle section , so it is easy to replentish.
This load of wood will create a great coal bed that will last between 12 and 16 hours.
A warm glowing bed of coals keeps the bunkhouse warm !